sábado, 31 de mayo de 2008

Let's revise vocabulary

Sometimes you go shopping because you need: Men's clothes or Women's clothes
Click on the links and revise vocabulary. Listen to the pronunciation carefully.
Leave a comment in the comments section. Did you learn new words?

4 comentarios:

stella dijo...

Dear all,
I would NEVER buy a veil, I think. Unless I go to a fancy dress party (fiesta de disfraces)!!
Did you like the activity? Did you learn new words?

Adriana dijo...

I did not known the difference between gloves and mittens. The activity is fantastic! I learned new words!
Bye, Adriana.

Norberto dijo...

Interesting web site! I saw others links too. For example. "Money"
I learned diferent words. I will enter this site tomorrow.
Today i learn: Piggy bank, bills, vault, hay, cap, and more.
Best regards.

stella dijo...

Sure, there are many other links and more words to learn! I'm glad you liked the link. Stella

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