sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Libertango to revise vocabulary!

I found this great video. Let's revise some vocabulary from our last lesson. Can you find
* any parts of the body?
* any special clothes to dance tango?
* any verbs?
* other expressions from our last lesson?
Remember to read previous posts not to repeat information!
Everybody Is Doing It by Benjamin Zephaniah
(from 'Wicked World')
In Hawaii they Hula
They Tango in Argentina
They Reggae in Jamaica
And they Rumba down in Cuba,
In Trinidad and Tobago
They do the Calypso
And in Spain the Spanish
They really do Flamenco.

In the Punjab they Bhangra
How they dance Kathak in India
Over in Guatemala
They dance the sweet Marimba,
Even foxes dance a lot
They invented the Fox Trot,
In Australia it's true
They dance to the Didgeridoo.

In Kenya they Benga
They Highlife in Ghana
They dance Ballet all over
And Rai dance in Algeria,
They Jali in Mali
In Brazil they Samba
And the girls do Belly Dancing
In the northern parts of Africa.

Everybody does the Disco
From Baghdad to San Francisco
Many folk with razzamataz
Cannot help dancing to Jazz,
They do the Jig in Ireland
And it is really true
They still Morris dance in England
When they can find time to."

This poem was taken from: http://www.benjaminzephaniah.com/rhymin/everybody.html

How many different styles of dances can you find in the poem? Can you dance them all in Argentina? Have you ever taken dancing lessons? Can you dance any?
I'm eager to read your posts!

miércoles, 9 de abril de 2008

Our origins

Argentina is a country of immigrants. Write a brief description of your ancestors: when they arrived in this country, their nationalities, why they chose Argentina, etc.
Let's see what our roots are like!
PS: As you know some of you are immigrants, too. You can write your own story.
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