miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

Hello LEVEL 4

Welcome to level 4.
Introduce yourselves:
  • What is your name?
  • What do you do?
  • Why do you study English?
  • What do you look like? What are you like? (physical appearence and personality)
See your book for more suggestions.

Stella :-)

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Matute dijo...

Hi my name is Matias. Im 27 years old, and live in Florida a north zone district of Argentina. I'm studying for computer professor and only remains the last exam to graduate.

I have brown eyes and hair, and i'm tall, at 1.80 mts.
I'm funny person, really a joker, and loves to participate in discussions besides im in class or not.

In my hobbies there are taekwondo, football soccer and natinal movies.
I'm taking english lessons at language laboratories of the UBA and taking a course of IT in Linux College.

Salutation to all students.

María Guadalupe dijo...

hello my name is Guadalupe. I'm Argentinian I live in Bs As city I'm from lugano 1y2. I'm 18 years old. For the moment I'm not studing, but I want study for public translator.
I have brown long hair and brown eyes. I'm small, about 1.55 mts.
I'm a possitive person. I'm shy, but friendly and a good listener.
In my free time I'm learning how to play piano and sing's technics and I realy love it.
Kisses and best wishes for everyone.

Anónimo dijo...

Hi my name is Sacha. Im 24 years old, and i live in Bueno Aires city. I´m studying sociology in UBA.

I Have brown eyes and hair. Im Tall, 1.84.
I´m a musician, i play guitar in a rock band, called Orange House. I´m the compositor of the songs.

In the free times, i like reading literature and sociology books, and also i like going to the bombonera.


Jorpet dijo...

Hi, my name is Jorge, I'm 51 years old. I live in Buenos Aires since 29 years. I was born in Bahía Blanca. I work in an architecture office in the downtown of the city.
I study english because is important to me a comunication with the people when I travel.
I like music, the movies and the books.
Well, greetings to all.

Norberto dijo...

Hi, my name is Norberto. I am a luthier and I live and work in San telmo.
I am learning English for my job because sometimes people send me emails in English. Some years ago I did not understand anything, but now I am in level four and I can read it.
I like listening to music and playing the guitar.
I am thin and I have few hair in my head like my father.
See you later

Maria Esther dijo...

Hello! My name is María, i´m 28 years old. I live in Glew, with my mother, and my two brothers and one sister. At the moment, i´m studyng computer corse and work at night in clearing banking.
I have long hair and brown eyes and´i´m too thin.
I´m not really an extrovert person, i´m shy but friendly.
In my free time, i like painting and drawing, also listening music and others stuffs.


stella dijo...

I see all your introductions!! They're very nice, desscribe you all, and let me know you a bit more!

Thanks for sharing.

stella :-)

Anabella dijo...

Hi, my name is Anabella. I'm 19 years old, I live with my parents and my brother in Buenos Aires, I'm from Avellaneda. I'm studying 'Asesoramiento de Imagen'.

I have long hair and brown eyes. I'm small, at 1.55 mts.
I'm extrovert and friendly person, and I talk too much.

At the weekend I watch TV and go out with my friends and my boyfriend


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