miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Welcome Level 3!!

Welcome to all!

As I told you in class this is our blog, our space to pratise, to see new things and to keep in touch!

Introduce yourselves. Go to COMENTARIOS and port your introduction.

Answer these questions:

What's your name?
What is your name?
What do you do?
Why do you study English?
What do you look like? What are you like? (physical appearence and personality)

What is your favourite place to relax? Describe it.

See you next class

stella :-)

17 comentarios:

stella dijo...

Hello, everybody.
My name is Stella and I'll be your teacher this semester.
Hope you find this blog interesting and useful!!!

stella :-)

Noelia dijo...

Hi. My name is Noelia. I´m enjoing my free day. I must learn english because of my profession. I am tall, thin, brown hair and brown eyes. I'm quiet generally. My favourite place to relax is my home in a raining day. Bye.

stella dijo...

Hello Noelia,

I'm glad you want to learn English.
I hpe you can enjoy learning a lot.

What about the rest?


eugenia dijo...

hello, my name is eugenia. i study french in the laboratory too and history. i study english because is necessary for life and because i like languages.
i´ve got blond hair with riglets. i´ve got green eyes, i´m tall and slim.
i´m quiet, alittle shy, curious..
one place that i like so much is the north (salta and jujuy) is calme, very pretti, the landscapes are amazing.
that´s all. see you on tuesday.

Anto dijo...

Hello Stella, I found your blog very interesting and, for me, is a new way to learn English. My name is Antonina, and I'm 28. I work in vigilance in a country club. I am studying English for pleasure. I want to learn this idiom very well because, maybe, someday I will travel around the world and I'll need to speak a second idiom.
I'm brunette and I have black and long hair. I'm tall and I'm not very slim. I'm not a pretty girl but I'm a pleasant and nice person.
My favourite place to relax is the bathroom. I like relaxing having a shower. I enjoy it so much.
I'll see you on Tuesday!

karen dijo...

Hi Stella!
My name's Karen, i'm 22 years old. I'm a student and i work in a call center.
I want to learn english because it is important for my future and i like it! :)
I like listen to music, walk at my friends and travel. I have brown eyes and brown hair too, i thin and sympathetic! :)
bye! I see you next class!

Joaquín dijo...

Hi! I am Joaquín. I graduate in biotechnology and work in a genetic engineering research institute. I study english because the biotechnology news are availables in this idiom. I am quiet, my height is low and my hair and eyes are brown. See you on Tuesday!

veronicabattini dijo...

hello,my name is veronica i´m 30 ´years old .i´m house´s wife i´ve a husband and a daugther she´s5 years old and in my free time i like to play to guitar hero with my daugther and nephew. i´m short,black hair and brown eyes sympathetic and a good humor .my favourite place is my home because is for me a good place for relax and enjoy the moment. i learn english becauses i like it.i see on tuesday, bye.

stella dijo...

WOW! Welcome to all of you.
You see? Having a blog is another way of communicating, practising our English and having fun.
I know it is not easy or spontaneous, but it's great to read your introductions!!!
see you next class

stella :-)

lcs1984 dijo...

hello. My name is Luciana, I`m 25 year old. I`m a shop assistent in the music store and study english and portuguese because I need for my work and I like the languages.
I like read, watch films and tv, listen music . I don`t have time for place to relax but sometimes a like sleep or go to the cinema with my friends. I`m have eyes and hair brown. bye, I see you Tuesday

Beatriz Mercedes dijo...

Hi, My name is Beatriz,I am 29 years old, I am married, I live in San Miguel, I dont have any children. I graduated from universitas Four Month ago as guide of tourism. I am good at dealing with people, so I woul like to work as a guide. I usually read tourism books. I usually watch tv and visit places in my city. Bye

flor_underground dijo...

hello, my name is Florencia.i'm 20 years old. I'm a japanese student since two years. I study english because is very useful to find a job. I'm brunette, not very tall and slim. I'm quiet and very shy. My favourite place to relax is the garden of my house.

Marcos dijo...

Hi! my name is marcos, i´m 25 years old, and i live in lomas de zamora.
The last year i finished the carrer of labor relations in the university of buenos aires.
i'm working since three years ago, in the direction of humans resourses in the secretary national of childhood and family.
i have got many hobbies, i like play the guitar alone or with my music bands.
i like listen many differents styles of music, i like play football and read books about of history political argentina and books of other topics.
i'am studing english because is necessary for travel and work.
see you the next class!

federico dijo...

Hi!!!! My name is fede. I am 23 years old and I am studing Administration in the public University. Iworked in a contact center called Atento for three years and now i work in Despegar.com. I am telemarketer, i sell accomodations for latin american touris.
I am tall, thin, brown eyes and hair too.I am very sociable.
I need learn english because it`s very important for my studies an my job.
see you next class bye!!!!!

veronicabattini dijo...

hello stella how are you see you next class

jennifer dijo...

Hello!!my name is Jennifer.I'm 24. I live in Avellaneda.I'm studying for tourist guide.I'm studying English because I like it and is also useful for my career.I'm brunette,black hair,not very tall and thin.I'm quiet.I like going to the cinema,listening to the radio.
I relax when I'm alone watching a programme tv.
See you next class.Bye,bye!!!

oscar dijo...

hello, My name is Oscar. I´m physical education teacher, I´m 32 years old. I´m married. I´m like and love swim, I´m live in caballito, I´m have two dogs.
My favourite season is winter.
I´m don´t like playing computer games. I´m like to read Paulo Freire, Foucault,Eco and Lipovetsky books.

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