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Argentina is a beautiful country, isn't it?

We have to write the script for this fantastic video. Watch it and choose two places (cities, areas, provinces) and write a short description of each one.
Remember to read your mates' descriptions not to repeat information!
The more we write, the better the result!

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Anónimo dijo...

I born in Buenos Aires, and not change this city for nothing. In this place nobody boring. In the last years, Buenos Aires is more dangerous other cities in Argentina. Maybe why is a big city and very populated. The cultural activities, gastronomic and comercial, was the principal caracteristic of this city. There live great People recognized around the world. In Buenos Aires is the most beautiful girl in the world. For turism, my city is cheaper than of them. In the summer, so much people go to Atlantic Coast in your holidays, there having beach, sea, sun, casino, theatres, cinemas, and more night activities.

Greeting from Buenos Aires.


clara dijo...

I live in Capital Federal, buenos Aires but i like much other provinces of the country.
The Misiones and Salta are beatiful and important provinces in the interior of Argentina
Misiones this located in the Nostheast of Argentina.It has the Iguazu Waterfalls very visited for tourists.Others importants places is the National Park, this is the Natural World Heritage and the Jesutical Misione, a historical place.
For travel to Misiones from to Buenos Aires is very expensive.
Salta this located in the northwest of Argentina,it has "The train to the clouds" typical in this place,the tourists always realize this trip.
In salta the temperature is very high.The people of this place is very nice.
I don'n know very much this place but i'm interested in knowing.

ledzeppe dijo...

I was born in Mercedes,Buenos Aires.I love the argentinian`s northeast.Iguazu`s waterfalls are the beautiful place.There,we can see the nature!Misiones is a fantastic province!Buenos Aires is more uninhabited than Misiones,because of this Misiones is much safer .This place are in the frontier`s contry!!You will know brasilian`s boys and girls.Iguazu is very hot! I know La boca too.It`s a turist`s place. La boca is more popular than iguazu,but it`s a small suburb in Buenos Aires.La boca is very coloring!In this place,there are a lot restaurants,cinemas and museums.In there streets ,people can buy a pictures and a lot things.This place is the best in Buenos Aires!
I love two places!

marcelin dijo...

i like visited Jujuy, because is characterized by the natural beauty of each one of the small towns, where modern constructions mix with the old traditions of the colonial time. In front of the central square there are the town council building, this square is a beatiful, the Cathedral and Government's House. The oldest church is Santa Bárbara chapel,this is a mistic, with its roof of tiles and wooden suspenders.

the mistic jujuy is wonderful, i would like going again :)

Jimena dijo...

This fantastic video show two of most beautiful places in this country:
The coast and the mountains from Patagonia. In the coast we can enjoy Peninsula Valdes, an armonic meeting betwen sea and land. Where it´s possible to see the whale Franca Austral, from spring to summer.

In the mountais at the west side of Patagonia by chilean frontier, is the Perito Moreno Glacier. The most famous "ice cube" in Argentina. It ´s located near Calafate an small and touristic Village. This region it´s politically important because there are the holiday an relax presidential pear house. But the history of this place it´s no so happy because it was the stage of strikers rural workers massive shooting in 1922 made by Argentinian Army.

Norberto dijo...

Antartica is a beautiful place, but is difficoult and expensive to visit.
I have a friend that is geologyst, and he went to antartica four or five times for his job. I could a lot of pictures of this place.
Usuahia is beautiful too, is the most southern city in the world. Is very expensive, because there are a lot of turist.

Glen dijo...

I am not Argentinian, but i love your country because is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it have see, mountais, rivers and many attractions more.
I study hotel management, i see every day how many tourist of the around the world come here and live Buenos Aires, this city is the Europe of America.

marisaDominguez dijo...

Nearer but oppsite Puerto Madero and La Boca.the first is the more safer , la Boca is much dangerous
Puerto Madero ismore expensive,La Boca is much cheapper.
But both are very interesting for visitingLa Boca is one the oldest neighborhood to Buenos aires, The italian inmigrates arrived to La Boca. It's amazing your colored houses. The old brige. The wax museum. The Caminito Streeet.
The old ship in the Riachuelo.The Quinquela Museum. Boca`s Stadium.
La Boca is tango, futbol, and passion.
In Puerto Madero the more modern building and the older docks., The yacht club, the better restaurants,cinemas,with very cleanear and safer streets. The beautifull and modern woman bridge.
In Buenos Aires you never boring

Adriana dijo...

Argentina´s a beautiful country. Jujuy´s a quiet province. The people´re friendly. The buildings´re old. There´re mountains. Jujuy´s a place to visit. In Mendoza there´re mountains too but it´s a province different to Jujuy. Mendoza´s a place modern, exciting. Its wine is very delicious but it´s expensive. Mendoza´s a place to visit too.

Adriana dijo...
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