miércoles, 9 de abril de 2008

Our origins

Argentina is a country of immigrants. Write a brief description of your ancestors: when they arrived in this country, their nationalities, why they chose Argentina, etc.
Let's see what our roots are like!
PS: As you know some of you are immigrants, too. You can write your own story.

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stella dijo...

My great grand parents came from the Bask country and France and my grandmothers came from Spain, Galicia and Vigo. My grandfathers were born in Argentina. As far as I know, one of my grandmothers came from Spain directly to Olavarría and she found it really hard to adapt herself to a new culture, new people, anew life.
I hope I can read about your ancestors soon.


Anónimo dijo...

My grandfathers and my grandmothers was born in Argentina, but yours parents came from Spain. The parents to my mom lived in Rio Negro, and after in Lanús, there has do my mother. The parents to my father always lived in the city. As result, I was born in Lanús but I live in the city, ja!.


ledzeppe dijo...

My grandparents were born in Italy and Spain.They came to Argentine in 1915, and they live in Boedo.My other grandparents were born in Italy, they came to Argentine becuase of the First World war.Now,they live in Mercedes,Buenos aires.My parents were born in here,and me too.

Norberto dijo...

I will talk about my grand father. He was born in Ponferrada, Spain. When he was two years old, he leaved Spain. After a long trip on a ship, in 1924, he arrived in Buenos Aires. He lived in differents "conventillos" with his family, and after some years, his father open a shoe shop in San Juan avenue in San Cristobal.
At this time, he lives in Banfiel and he is 86 years old.

clara dijo...

My grandfathers and my grandmothers was born in Germany.They came in 1930 with your family.They wre located in Gral Ramirez, province of Entre Rios and they live there in this moment.

marisaDominguez dijo...

My name is Marisa I`m the first generation in Argentine. My parents were born in Galicia Spain.
They came from Spain to Buenos Aires But they meeting here.
That`s all for now

stella dijo...

I see we're all from different origin, a "melting pot" as our article says.
Good for the writers, go on!
stella ;)

Adriana dijo...

My grandparents were born in Argentina. My grandfathers lived in Misiones, when my father was young, all his family came to Bs. As. My grandmothers were born in Bs. As. My father´s grandparents were born in Spain and Paraguay, and my mother´s grandparents were born in Corrientes and Bahia Blanca. Is´s great!!, je.

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