sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Libertango to revise vocabulary!

I found this great video. Let's revise some vocabulary from our last lesson. Can you find
* any parts of the body?
* any special clothes to dance tango?
* any verbs?
* other expressions from our last lesson?
Remember to read previous posts not to repeat information!

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stella dijo...

Hi everybody! I'm not a tango fan but I loved this video. Astor Piazzola, an Argeentine musician, wrote Libertango.
In this video I can see: high heel shoes, dancers, a ballroom (a room to dance),...
What can YOU see?
stella :)

Adriana dijo...

Hi everybody! In this nice video I can see: two instruments: a bandoneon and a "big violin", a musician is Japanese, couples (a woman and a man) dancing, there are also a woman and three men practicing tango, and a boy dancing with a chair in his house.
What can yuo see?

clara dijo...

In this video of tango i can see that the mans and the woman have black and white clothes mainly because this colours are thypicals in the tango.
The woman uses a dreess...
What can you see??
bye, bye

stella dijo...

Bravo! You can see many things and you remember your vocabulary, too. What about the rest?

Norberto dijo...

Hi People!!! I saw the video. The Japanese musician play a cello.
His name is YoYo Ma and Hi is the most popular cellist of the world. Hi loves the Piazzolla´s compositions.
I like his recordings and hi recorded different tipes of music.
see you leter.

Florencia dijo...

Hello Stella, I´m Flor, this blog is very nice.See you the next class. kisses
Flor Nasta

Florencia dijo...

I can find any parts of the body:legs,arm,face,hear,head,eye,mouse,nose,chest,hips,cheek,upper body,lower body,hand,nails,is ok,bye.Flor Nasta.

stella dijo...

Hi fLOR:
I'm glad you were able to post. At last!!
Good revision of vocabulary.

ledzeppe dijo...

Hello everybody.........
In this video i found two instruments: cello and bandoneon. I don`t like these instruments, but they are fantastic for dancing tango!
The couples dance with their chests and their upperbodies. They use their hips too.
The tango is argentinian!

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