jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008


Hello LEVEL 4. Welcome to our blog.As you know, we continue with the same blog.
Let's introduce ourselves first.
(Always remember that your surname is optional).
What's your name?
What do you do?
Why do you want to learn English?
What do you think of our first class?
Stella :)

4 comentarios:

ledzeppe dijo...

jA, i`m the first....
My name is agustin, i am 16 years old....., i like playing football and i play the guitar
I study english because is necessary for my school and my life
The first class was fantatic, it`s true
this is a little presentation

stella dijo...

Good Mr Lezdeppe! You're an active member of this blog. Let's see the rest... Where are you?
Stella :)

argento68 dijo...

My name is Claudio, I was born in 1968 and I love travel and know people. One of the motive I’m learning English is to know people and better understand them.
In my first class I couldn’t appreciate it very well because all was new and I don’t like to make me an idea only with my first impression. I can talk about my second class and I found out there, a very dynamic teacher, so clever and very interesting. I could appreciate a good level English’ students too.
I hope we could go ahead knowing us and learning English having a good time.
See you.

stella dijo...

Hi Claudio, thanks for your comments. I also think this is a harworking group! You've been really sincere.
See you next class. Stella :)

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