miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

This is the mail I received from Prof. N Soleil. She liked our blog very much and is inviting me to see other presentations from other specialists.
As you can see, our blog is becoming popular!
Stella :-)

Naome Soleil has sent you a message on British Columbia Literacy.

Hello Stella,
That's a great blog you included on your profile for the BC Literacy Forum. If you haven't already listened to the Webcasts, there are 3 I think would be of interest to you. The presentation by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis is a joint classroom project that also incorporates international understanding. elderbob and Mark Hawkes also gave interesting presentations on uses of the new technology.
Keep in touch with the Forum and good luck in your work with students in South America.

3 comentarios:

ledzeppe dijo...

ja, i can`t believe it....., the technology is in south america....!!!
I think the peolple of USA don`t know about other countries, they only know about their country

stella dijo...

Yes, and we are working hard, too!!!
Stella :)

Glen dijo...

Hi teacher, iam very sorry because th last class you were ill, i hope that you are better, i miss you..

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