jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008

Your coursebook-Extra activities

If you have a look at the link on your right, you'll see many interesting stuff from your course book. Come on! Go ahead! You can choose from the list below:
Grammar: Practise your grammar with exercises for each File.
Vocabulary: Practise your vocabulary with exercises for each File.
Pronunciation: Practise the sounds of English, and play sounds and word stress games.
Practical English: Do 'spot the mistake' activities.
Learning Record: Download the Study Link Learning Record
Text Builder: Read and complete texts from the Student's Book.
Games: Have some fun with our games – and learn English at the same time!
Weblinks: Links to websites for learning more about the topics in New English File Pre-intermediate.
Mini Phrasebook: Download two pages of Practical English for travelling.
Vocabulary Calendar: Write down and learn new words every month.

Plenty of things to do, don't you think so?
stella :)

2 comentarios:

ledzeppe dijo...

I think that is fantastic!,ja
i did many exercices,but i going to do more exercices tomorrow, i need practise my pronunciation...

stella dijo...

I agree with you. There are many things to do. Remember Level 4covers FILEs 1, 2 and 3. It's essential to practise a bit every day and we'll see the results soon. Stella :-)

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