miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

Tango, an Argentine dance?

  • Watch this video and listen to its music:

    Now post your comments:
  • What parts of the body can you see?
  • What are they wearing?
  • What kind of tango do you think they are dancing?
  • Who's leading the couple?
  • Where are they dancing?
  • Are they amateur or professional dancers?
  • What instruments can you hear?

You don't need to answer all the questions. They are just to give you some ideas.

REMEMBER: you should read your mates' comments and then post yours.

stella :-)

9 comentarios:

Ana Durán dijo...
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Ana Durán dijo...

I like so much the Yo-yoma music and allways is a good time to enjoy him. And it's a pleasure to see this video because it's very nostalic. I hop I should can write good answers.


stella dijo...

Good! Ana was the first one to post a comment. She liked the music and the dancers. What about the rest?
Stella ;-)

ebeli dijo...

I love this video of Libertango , is one of the most beautiful and fantastic of Astor Piazzolla.We can enjoy many professional dancers who are practising in a ballroom, but also in other different and strange places, in a a airport , in a kitchen.We can appreciate the mouvenment of their lower body. mainly their legs.It´s very nice to hear and to see the musical instruments like the violoncello and the bandoneon.Really I´m proud of this!!!

marijo.ngu dijo...

This video is a one part of the “The Tango Lessons” a film by Sally Potter, who is the main actress. As in the traditional tango, Pablo Verón (principal tango dancer) leads with the upper body but as said Ebeli the most movements is done with the lower body. Also we see a couple but in one moment others dancers apear in the scene and his movements are very fast and synchronized

stella dijo...
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stella dijo...

Good, girls. Your comments are really intresting. It's a nice video, isn't it? And the music is very nice, too.
What about the rest? What is your opinion?

stella :-)

Graciela dijo...

I can see the legs and arms of the dancers.
They are wearing trousers and dancing shoes.
They are dancing Libertango.
The man in leading the couple.
They are dancing in a club.
They are proffessional dancers.
I can hear a bandoneon.

stella dijo...

Very interesting comments. It shows (se nota) you're improving your English!

stella ;-)

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