miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourselves. Say your name, occupation, why you are learning English and your opinion of ther first class.

2- Type your message in the white box on your right.
3- Copy the word in the box below.
4- Provide your e-address.
5- Send comment

Stella :-)

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stella dijo...

Hi everybody:
My name is Stella and I'm your teacher. It's a pleasure to see you here. I hope you enjoy "our space".
Stella :-)

marijo.ngu dijo...

Hello everyone:
My name is María José, and my nickname is Marijó. As I am a journalist, I need to study English to keep improving in my profession.
So far, I feel that I learn something new in each class, and that is very good!

ebeli dijo...

Hi everybody:

I´m Estela and I study english at first for me and then for my work, because I have got a lot of books in english....
I hope that our group will be the best!!!!
Bye Estela

stella dijo...

Hello girls!!I'm glad you've been able to enter the blog and leave comments. Ornella, left a comment in the another post, but that is not a problem. Let's hope the rest joins us.
Stella :-)

Naty dijo...

My name is Natalia. I´m really enjoying your classes.
See you next class!!

ebeli dijo...

Hi everybody:

I can´t find the tips for the writing. Could you help me !!!!
Thank you

ebeli dijo...

Thank you!!!!!for the writing assignmeny
See you tuesday
Bye Estela

graciela dijo...

Hello, I´m Graciela ,I liked the class, is more different than the class of the past year, I hope to learn .

stella dijo...

Hello class, I see little by little you're "getting in". Our door is always open, so you'll be able to learn in many ways.
stella :-)

Ana Durán dijo...

Hello, my name is Ana and I'm a journalist too, like Marijó, but I'm also a spanish teacher. I love theatre and I have a posibility to go to others countries and read Shakespeare in the original lenguage.
See you tomorrow!

leandro dijo...

Hi everybody:

My name is Leandro and i'm one of the students of english level 3.
I´m interested in learn English because it´s necessary to my profession.

See you need class !!

Graciela dijo...

Hello, I´m Graciela, I liked the class, is more different than the class of the past year, I hope to learn.

Cacho en la oficina dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
Norby dijo...

Hi Stella!! I am Norberto, I’m writing from Barcelona. I was learning English with you in level 3 in the first half of 2008. Now I am learning English (alone) because I found the new headway in the library. I have a question but I don´t have your email.
My question is: Which new headway are you using in level four? Pre intermediate or intermediate?
Sorry for my little English.

stella dijo...

Hello Norberto! I see that , as you promissed, you are writing form Barcelona. The level we used for levels 4, 5 and 6 is pre-intermediate. Actually now we're using Englsh File Pre-intermediate. If you have a look a this blog, you'll find the links to both books.
Of course you're invited to participate in this one.
I hope you can go on studying!!!
In this blog you have

Majito dijo...

My name is María Jose, I liked study english.
see you next class.


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