domingo, 26 de abril de 2009


If you're interested in checking your grammar click here. You'll find a useful test. It's based on the famous book Essential Grammar in Use.
Finally you can check your answers.
Remember that perhaps you've got some answers wrong because you've never seen that item. Don't worry!

Enjoy the test!!!

stella ;-)

3 comentarios:

marijo.ngu dijo...

my record was 25/50. Not so good: (

ebeli dijo...

my score 29/50....I´ll replay later to improve it!!!
It´a good exercise.

Ana Durán dijo...

I'm so happy because my record is 35/50. However I think that it's not good at all for me so I've been studying English for a lot of years...
Ah! excuse me because I was hill but I'll be in class next time.
Kiss. Ana.

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